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Creative Real Estate Investing System 2.0
By Sorensen Matthew

The following system stands on its own with the 'Full Monty' of Creative Investing Tools you WILL NOT find in other such online programs. See for yourself..Don't get trapped in the "one size fits all" approach to investing. Use the RIGHT System to Profit from the Current Economic Crisis!

The Hidden Secrets of A Real Estate Technician
By Wittenmyer Bryan

This 172-page text contains information that is generally unavailable to serious property investors to do much of his or her own real estate legal work, without using an attorney or title company. The author, Bryan Whittenmyer, has been doing much of his own conveying and contract drafting for several years.

Attorney's Secrets to Investing in Tax Lien Certificates
By Barazandeh Darius M.

This course is different not only because it contains straightforward legal and economic analysis, but because it uses simple and well-established learning methods to help you learn the material quickly and with a greater rate rate of retention.

The Wealth Building LLC: The Attorney's Secrets!
By Barazandeh Darius M.

Regardless of whether you are a one person business or have 50 employees, The Wealth Building LLC will show you how to achieve the maximum asset protection and tax savings benefits. The wonderful part of this system is that you will use it throughout the life of your business. Imagine having a reference guide that you can pull out, review, utilize and then get back to business!

Texas Houses for Pennies II: Unlock the New Secrets!
By Barazandeh Darius M.

GOVERNMENT BARGAINS...YOU HAVE HEARD THE STORIES, NOW LEARN THE TRUTH! I am going to present you with DETAILED KNOWLEDGE which will allow you to buy Texas real estate for pennies on the dollar or gain an LARGE return on your investment in 6 months! How does a 25% return on your money within the next 6 months sound? Pretty good?

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