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Retire Rich with Your IRA: Tax Free Real Estate

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Investors have been doing it for years! Why haven't you? Transform your 'STAGNANT'  IRA into a self-directed account and BE IN CHARGE!
Purchase Real Estate Including: Mobile Homes, Apartments, Duplexes, Foreclosures, Lease Options, Tax Deeds, Tax Liens, 'Flips' and so MUCH MORE!

A sample of what this program will teach you: Introduction to IRAs and Self Direction. The Basics and Specifics of IRA Investing. Understanding the Specific Retirement Plans: Traditional and Roth IRAs.  Understanding the Specific Retirement Plans Continued: SEP Plans, SIMPLE Plans, Coverdale Education Saving Accounts, Health Saving Accounts, 401K’s and More! Discussion of well-known IRA custodians and Evaluation Criteria.

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