Profits in Probate Real Estate

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PROBATE INVESTING - Who Else Wants To Know How To  Buy Real Estate at 30% to 50% Below Market? Heirs are willing to sell real estate at a discount because they want to get their hands on their money...FAST! You turn around and flip the property for BIG BUCKS. Learn how to profit now by going to...

Look, it's really very simple once you understand what goes on in probate. With the 'PROFITS IN PROBATE REAL ESTATE" guide you never go to court and you never talk to a judge.  There's no legal education required. In some cases you won't even need one hundred dollars in cash.  You can get a 60 day option on the property and then find a cash buyer. Another no cash method is to borrow the purchase price from a "hard money" lender (there are many).  Then quickly find a cash buyer.  Yes, those types of loans are expensive... but wait!... Aren't you making a fat profit on the probate property?

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